ACE is currently planning installations at Thailand, Indiaand UNITED STATESwith planned capacities of 10,000 tonnes between India and Thailand and 20,000 tons in the UNITED STATES. Operations in India are expected to start by the third quarter of 2022 with an initial processing capacity of 1800 tons per year, while Thailand and UNITED STATES would come online in 2023 and full operational capability should be achieved at all facilities by 2025.

ACE recently announced its flagship lead-acid and lithium-ion battery recycling fleet at Texas, United States. With the announcement of projects for the simultaneous establishment of facilities in Asia, ACE is striving to become a global player in Li-ion battery recycling. The company will deploy its proprietary hydrometallurgical recycling process which combines a completely emission-free low-temperature process with recovery rates in excess of 98%. ACE can also successfully recover precious metals like copper and aluminum, while being able to handle a wide variety of the world’s most used lithium-ion battery chemistries. In line with its environmental philosophy, the process also produces no toxic solid waste or effluent.

In addition to copper and aluminum, recovered materials also include a variety of sulphates and carbonates of cobalt, manganese and nickel, all of which leave ACE’s facilities “ready to use” for use in the next generation of lithium-ion batteries.

“With the establishment of these four new facilities, we will strategically leverage our global supply chain experience to not only serve North American markets, but also Asia where we have very strong field experience and existing relationships,” mentioned Nishchay Chadha, co-founder and CEO of ACE. ACE is already in discussions with potential partners for various waste battery supply and product removal agreements to ensure a steady influx of recyclable batteries and a ready customer for its commercial-grade battery materials.

When fully operational, ACE expects to provide up to 100 direct and indirect jobs to the local economy.

While the global lithium-ion battery recycling market currently remains relatively weak, major OEMs, electric vehicle manufacturers and strategic investors remain optimistic about the need for a sustainable and environmentally friendly recycling solution for three reasons. main.

The exponential growth in the adoption of lithium-ion batteries – from the already ubiquitous portable electronic devices to the widespread and growing popularity of electric vehicles – heralds an unprecedented increase in demand. Additionally, government “producer responsibility” mandates require battery manufacturers to quickly identify sustainable recycling solutions that can minimize the overall environmental footprint of battery manufacturing. With the continued fragility of global supply chains causing extreme price shocks, value chain actors(s) are seeking to diversify their sources of battery materials away from regions of heightened political instability.

“By providing a zero-emissions lithium-ion battery recycling solution, ACE solves all of these problems and provides the necessary localization and reliability of the supply chain for valuable battery materials. The global scale of our technology will provide vital support for sustainable electrification of mobility and manufacturing.” mentioned Doctor Vipin Tyagico-founder and chief technology officer of ACE.

ACE will deploy its capital and work with several strategic and financial investors to set up the envisaged facilities.

ACE is already a leading pioneer in the hydrometallurgical recycling of lead-acid batteries, having already deployed its technology at commercial scale with major recyclers and industry players with many new installations set to come online at through Asia, Europeand the Middle East by early 2023.

About ACE Green Recycling Inc.

ACE Green Recycling is an American green recycling technology company with global operations across South East Asia and India. The company has successfully commercialized its proprietary process for recycling used lead-acid batteries that produces zero greenhouse gas emissions and is currently expanding its zero-emissions technology to recycle lithium-ion batteries. ACE is also simultaneously working on clean technology solutions for other metal waste streams. The team behind ACE has decades of experience in recycling, technology and the scrap metal supply chain, putting them on the verge of becoming a leader in global recycling.

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