• Startup EV Canoo showcased three pod-shaped vehicles – a pickup truck, delivery van and van – and said it will now build them in the United States starting next year.
  • Canoo canceled its initial plan to outsource production to VDL Nedcar in the Netherlands, in part to avoid supply chain issues.
  • Instead, the electric pods will be built at a factory in Arkansas in 2022 before an Oklahoma factory begins production in 2023.

    American electric vehicle startup Canoo has showcased three drastically styled vehicles in recent years and is now consolidating plans to bring its pod-shaped designs into production. Although Canoo initially planned to outsource the production of its vehicles to VDL Nedcar, a Dutch contract manufacturer, those plans were scrapped. Instead, Canoo aims to build its first vehicles next year at a new plant in Arkansas – where it recently moved its headquarters – before a plant in Pryor, Oklahoma, comes on line in late 2023.

    Canoo said the decision to move manufacturing facilities from the Netherlands to the United States will help avoid major supply chain complications and lower shipping costs and tariffs. The Arkansas plant was originally intended to build the company’s electric delivery vans, but it will now also produce the Lifestyle Vehicle, a compact seven-seater van.


    The new plans are accompanied by revised production targets. For 2022, Canoo aims to build between 3,000 and 6,000 units, up from its previous goal of 1,000 cars. 2023 sees these objectives reach 17,000 units, against 15,000 vehicles initially planned. By 2024, Canoo aims to manufacture at least 40,000 electric vehicles and aims to produce at least 70,000 Canoos by 2025.

    Canoo and VDL Groep (the parent company of VDL Nedcar) are still discussing a future partnership for the European market. VDL Nedcar is repaying Canoo’s $ 30.4 million prepayment from previous production plans, but VDL Groep will now also purchase $ 8.4 million of Canoo shares. The decision to produce Canoos in the United States will help Canoo get its vehicles to market faster while investing in high-tech manufacturing jobs for Americans, while providing the possibility of European production at a later date.

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