20 October 2021



Integrated aluminum substrate with finely shaped fins

DOWA METALTECH CO., LTD. (head office: 14-1, Sotokanda 4-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; capital: 1.0 billion yen; chairman: ONIOH Takashi; hereinafter “DOWA METALTECH”), a subsidiary of DOWA HOLDINGS CO., LTD. (head office: same as above; capital: 36.4 billion yen; chairman: SEKIGUCHI Akira; hereinafter “DOWA”), has developed an integrated aluminum substrate with finely shaped fins for power module together with Nakamura mfg. Co., Ltd. (head office: 493-1 Mikkamachi, Minowa-machi, Kamiina-gun, Nagano prefecture; capital: 75 million yen; president: MIYAHARA Tomoyasu; hereinafter “Nakamura mfg.”). The product is lightweight and has high cooling performance and low pressure loss.

Power modules are currently gaining attention for energy saving applications. Traditionally, they were made using solder or grease to bond or contact metal-ceramic substrates with heat sink baseplates or cooling jackets. However, the demand has increased for high heat dissipation of power semiconductors due to high integration and size reduction. The development of structures not using welds and low thermal conductivity greases (hereafter “direct cooling structure”) and the development of designs using other methods are progressing (Figure 1).

DOWA METALTECH has developed and marketed an integrated aluminum substrate with cylindrical fins which is one of the best designs in the world for heat dissipation achieved through its original technology of direct molten aluminum bonding to achieve this direct cooling structure (Figure 2). In addition, to develop a substrate with excellent heat dissipation, it is necessary to densify the fins, use a highly thermal conductive material, and increase the amount of cooling water. However, these have advantages and disadvantages in addition to the problems of the manufacturing process, considering durability, corrosion resistance, cooling pump capacity, weight, area. ‘installation, cost, etc. globally.

Based on such circumstances, DOWA METALTECH recently developed an integrated aluminum substrate with finely shaped fins (hereinafter “the developed product”) (Figure 3). The developed product offers various fin shape options, including curved or straight ailerons by adjusting height, thickness and gap. Due to the growing awareness of environmental issues, the developed product is expected to apply to a wide variety of applications, including next-generation automotive applications such as electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). ), new energy applications and other industrial applications.

DOWA METALTECH will continue to develop new products to meet the ever changing needs of the market by combining, applying and developing its own original metal-ceramic substrate technology and fin processing technology from Nakamura mfg.

  • Fine plate-shaped fins formed on a heat sink maintaining the original direct cooling structure
    (The fins are formed using Nakamura mfg’s proprietary Aurora fin method.)
  • Achieves a reduction in thermal resistance of approximately 15% and a reduction in pressure loss of approximately 60% compared to DOWA’s integrated aluminum substrate with cylindrical pin fins which has World-class heat dissipation. (Illustration 4)
    · Massive weight reduction is possible compared to the weight of the products with a direct cooling structure using copper of the same size.
  • The use of High purity aluminum with high corrosion resistance eliminates the need for plating on the fins.
  • With simple shape design, it is possible to apply DOWA’s original new manufacturing process, which significantly reduced the manufacturing process, and overall cost reduction can be expected.

Conventional structure

Direct cooling structure

Figure 1: Difference in the structure of the power modules

Figure 2: Integrated aluminum substrate with cylindrical fins

Figure 3: Integrated aluminum substrate with finely shaped fins

About. 15% reduction

About. 60% reduction

Figure 4: Evolution of the temperature and the pressure drop of power semiconductors mounted on substrates with an influx of water cooled to 65 ° C

[Overview of DOWA METALTECH CO., LTD.]

??Headquarters: 14-1 Sotokanda 4-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

??Representative: ONIOH Takashi

??Creation: October 2006

??Capital: 1 billion yen

??Shareholder: DOWA HOLDINGS CO., LTD. 100.0%

??Business Overview: Manufacture and sale of rolled copper products such as copper / brass / copper alloy strip, plated strip, metal substrates, nickel alloy strip, electronic parts and rods and brass forgings.

[Overview of Nakamura mfg. Co., Ltd.]

??Location: 493-1 Mikkamachi, Minowa-machi, Kamiina-gun, Nagano Prefecture

??Representative: MIYAHARA Tomoyasu

??Creation: July 1962

??Capital: 75 million yen

??Business overview: plasticity processing of metals, assembly of precision products, and design and manufacture of low-labor machinery


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