NEW DELHI: Integrated satellite and terrestrial network operator Intelsat announced on Monday that it has extended its FlexMaritime service to provide coverage to ships traveling in Indian territorial waters.

This will immediately improve service coverage for all 8,000 existing customers of Intelsat’s FlexMaritime vessels, the company said.

The development also allows vessels registered in India to access Intelsat’s high-speed maritime network.

The expansion is courtesy of Intelsat’s National Gateway in Noida, India, which serves as a crucial link between Intelsat’s terrestrial network and space assets.

The services will be offered via Intelsat’s HTS satellites with the In-Flight and Maritime Connectivity (IFMC) license from India-based partner Cloudcast.

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The expansion of FlexMaritime in India will open up new business opportunities and accelerate digital transformation for thousands of Indian flag vessels and vessels trading in Indian territorial waters.

According to the Ministry of Navigation, about 95% of India’s trade by volume and 70% by value is carried by sea transport.

“Achieving this regulatory milestone means that customers of our FlexMaritime solutions partners will immediately benefit from the well-known power, performance and resilience of the FlexMaritime service in Indian waters,” said Mark Rasmussen, senior vice president of Intelsat’s mobility.

The services are expected to be available in early 2022 through Intelsat’s many solution partners, according to the statement.