TEHRAN – A capital market analyst has said that the Iranian stock market is expected to be stable in the third quarter of the current Iranian calendar year (September 23-December 21), IRNA reported.

“We expect a constant trend of transactions in the market in [the Iranian calendar months of] Aban and Azar (autumn month), and I suggest shareholders invest in high-tech industries, ”said Salman Nasirzadeh.

He underlined the current risks of the stock market and added: “The stock market in the current situation, as well as its positive movements, are associated with risks, now the most important risk that can be imposed on the market is that of decisions. macroeconomic possibilities. “

He highlighted the measures that can help the stock market to follow an uptrend and said: “By creating stability in regulation, transparency of information and increasing the initial public offering in the market, it is possible to change the market trend. “

Nasirzadeh said that with good knowledge of investing in stock transactions, the capital market can be seen as a positive market in the medium and long term.

In July, market analyst Mostafa Safari said transactions in the Iranian stock market would be much better and more reasonable in the second half of the current Iranian calendar year compared to the first half of the year. .

Safari believed that reaching a possible deal on the nuclear deal would have a positive impact on the capital market and pave the way for significant market growth.

Following the support measures taken by the government, the Iranian stock market is gradually recovering and experts believe that the market is regaining the confidence of citizens.

Market expert Reza Alavi also said in July that the influx of liquidity into the market and the increase in the value of transactions indicates that people are once again trusting the capital market.

“At present, other markets such as gold, foreign currencies, and cars are not attractive enough for investors, and the stock market is still a good place for people to invest,” said Alavi at IRIB.

“After the electoral debates, people came to the conclusion that the stock market is one of the priorities of the new government, and for this reason, they trusted this market, and consequently, the inflow of new capital in the market has increased, ”he said.

He further mentioned the rise in world oil prices and the stability of the foreign exchange market as factors that led to the stability of the stock market.


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