In general, qui tam and other whistleblower actions are designed to protect the integrity of revenue and public procurement systems by allowing someone with specific knowledge of wrongdoing to bring an action on behalf of the government. and claiming a reward, usually a percentage of that the government recovers. A case filed under the False Claims Act can result in a whistleblower reward of 15 to 25 percent.

Candice Payrovi, Chief Operating Officer of Tribeca Capital Group, LLC describes the impetus of some common qui tam cases. The highest percentage of cases brought by claimants who tam are related to healthcare and services adjacent to healthcare, particularly overcharging by unscrupulous Medicare and Medicaid providers. Coronavirus lawsuits are also winning on the ground, whistleblowers, as well as defense contractors. 640 $ toilet seat and $ 435 hammer.”

Payrovi explained why his company was eager to work with whistleblowers. “Qui tam and costumes under the false claims law” are particularly difficult because, by definition, they are questions with high added value, and the stakes are numerous. Those who bring these lawsuits are protected by law against retaliation in employment, but many are wrongly forced to quit often lucrative jobs, and it may take some time for their problems to be resolved. ”

Because the qui tam and false claims actions do not follow the traditional litigation model, many brave souls who carry these cases do not realize that they might qualify for a litigation loan from Tribeca. The rewards in a qui tam case can be substantial, but complex cases can take months or even years to resolve. A litigation loan from Tribeca can help whistleblowers survive the financial stress that often accompanies these cases. Donadio also pointed out that whistleblowers are protected by a guarantee that eliminates their personal liability for reimbursement if, for some reason, the case does not result in any reward.

If you have filed a whistleblower action and want to know if you qualify for a litigation loan on your scholarship, contact Candice Payrovi, Tribeca Capital Group at (866) 388-2288.

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