A day after Union Home Minister Amit Shah called the government of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) inept and corrupt during a public rally in Tukkuguda, on the outskirts of Hyderabad , government ministers hit back on May 15.

Leading the offensive, KT Rama Rao, Telangana’s minister of municipal administration and information technology, called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a “Nizam” and a “naalayak”. [inefficient] Prime Minister” and Amit Shah the “baadshah of lies”.

Rama Rao, who is also the incumbent chairman of TRS, said, “Who is inefficient and who is the Nizam? Isn’t Prime Minister Narendra Modi a Nizam, who said farmers didn’t die for his cause, when 700 people lost their lives protesting three black farm bills? Doesn’t Modi behave like Nero, who played the violin when Rome was burning? When hundreds of thousands of migrant workers starved to death and traveled hundreds of miles to return home during the lockdown, his government charged them train tickets. It was Chandrashekar Rao who paid for their trip and provided the food.

Objecting to Amit Shah’s statement that the Telangana government was led by the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen’s (AIMIM) Asaduddin Owaisi, Rama Rao said that the Union government led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was led by two companies. Houses. Said Rama Rao: “It’s a case of hum do, hamare do. Do Gujarati bech rahe hai, aur do Gujarati khareed rahe hai [Two Gujaratis are selling and two Gujaratis are buying].”

Accusing Amit Shah of lying between his teeth, Rama Rao predicted that voters would soon elect the Union government. He added that the TRS and Chandrashekar Rao were in no rush to call a snap election for the state legislature. Stating that the Chief Minister had already announced that the State Assembly elections would be held as scheduled in 2023, Rama Rao said the Pink Party was ready for an early Lok Sabha election if the BJP had the courage to dissolve Parliament and call for a break. elections.

Continuing his attack on Modi and Shah, Rama Rao said, “Telangana’s single-engine growth model will bury the BJP’s dual-engine government. People are suffering from 30 year high inflation and 40 year rising unemployment. BJP leaders cry foul over 50 paise electricity tariff hike in the state as Modi government hikes diesel, petrol and petrol prices every day and collected 26 .5 lakh crore for diesel and gasoline tax over the past eight years.

Not to be outdone, T. Harish Rao, the nephew of Telangana’s Chief Minister and Minister of Finance and Health, called the Union Home Secretary the “Shah of Lies” and described the BJP as the “Bada Jhoota Party”. He accused Amit Shah of trying to mislead the people of Telangana with lies.

Harish Rao, who brandished facts and figures to counter Amit Shah’s statements, refuted the latter’s claim that the Union government had given funds to Telangana’s “Bhagiratha Mission” (a program to provide drinking water to every household).

Alleging that the BJP had done nothing for the people of Telangana over the past eight years, E. Dayakar Rao, Minister of Panchayat Raj, said there was not a shred of truth in the claims of Amit Shah on sanctioning Sainik Schools, a rail coach. factories and medical schools in Telangana.

The BJP is desperate to dislodge Chandrashekar Rao who will seek his third consecutive term.