Hyderabad: Minister of Industries and Information Technology KT Rama Rao on Monday launched a counteroffensive against the BJP government in the Center, saying that while the state government tries to secure investment, the Modi government is on a wave of divestment to raise Rs 6 lakh crore.
While the Telangana government’s policy is for start-ups, the central government seems to want to enforce a pack-up policy. “We had repeatedly asked the central government for the sanction of five industrial corridors, support of 1,000 crore rupees for the Pharma City project, the relaunch of the ITIR project, the implementation of the assurances given to Telangana in the PA State Reorganization Act, like the creation of a steel plant, a railcar plant. , turmeric board. But not a single project has been approved or funds released by the Center, ”KTR told the State Assembly on Monday.
“There are 8.32 lakh vacancies in central government and the BJP is trying to create a problem of over 50,000 vacancies in the state. To all those who ask what the KCR government has done, the answer can be found in the RBI Statistical Handbook on the Indian Economy 2020-21 that Telangana State is the fourth largest contributor to the Indian economy, ”he said. he declared.
KTR asked BJP member Raja Singh to inform where the Atma Nirbhar crore Rs 20 lakh funds went. “We’re looking for him, but we don’t know where the money went,” he said.
The Telangana government is working on setting up a Biosciences Hub (B-Hub) focused on life sciences, modeled on the T-Hub. The state has set a goal of creating 50,000 jobs in level two cities over the next five years by promoting IT and industrial growth. The state, with the help of NALSAR, will soon be proposing new cybercrime legislation.
If the private sector employs 70 percent of Telangana youth in semi-skilled positions, the state will provide an additional 5 percent capital grant, an additional 5 percent sales tax relief, a 50 paise grant on the electricity tariff.
Hyderabad: The current Telangana assembly and council sessions have been postponed for three days due to Cyclone Gulaab. The assembly and council will meet again on October 1. President of the assembly Pocharam Srinivas Reddy consulted the head of the house and CM K Chandrasekhar Rao and other opposition parties by telephone and decided to postpone the three-day sessions. Previously, MPs and ministers asked the speaker to postpone sessions to allow them to participate in relief and rehabilitation measures in their respective constituencies. TNN


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